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Original address: smbill consolidation loan mortgage secondall town story author: Liu Yan stock photography: Zhang Jianbin I fell in love with a boy in the sprinew jersey home equity loan ratesng, summer heart made out of a Lotus Flower powder, in the autumn, I thought his collection of heartfelt, snow in winter flowers help me bury the secret sth I do not see, so hopeless in love with him. He smiles in the sunshine, Qingshi road dogs, catch a frog inotebook data recoveryn the field, and finally purple wild apple picking on the roof came under my eyes. Me in front of him, the fruits of victory to swallow, sweet little heart is two stations. I don't like the dirty hand in his hand, he gave me his the edge of the two ends of the lower hem of a gown. I don't like fish in the River, he brought me the sand war. I don't like the noise, he accompanied me to. I said it was a rainbow, he is really beautiful. Loquat trees just base the new nest, we live in. You deliberately playing Possum flat, I would be happy like a blossoming flower. We have no secrets, all day long under the Moon and flowers, others think that we do not know love, our Jolly smile, big people are stupid. I thought we would have been in this small town, has been live, but you say, going the distance, it is our home. Pinball you sent me, I finally left, set off, are you home sth

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Original address: Big Mac! 16 largest animal in the world author: HowStuffWorks world great that range from. This world is filled with magic, we can see and understand the world is just a corner on the ice, on Earth there are countless secrets of the magic we do not know. Below will give you a look at the world's largest 16 animals, don't be scared. The world's largest catfish world record holder of the Mekong giant catfish is the largest fresh water fish weight, a fishing party 2005 Thailand Mekong seize the the 646-pound (293 kg), length 9 ft (2.7 m) of the Mekong giant catfish. Horse this is the world's largest horse horses of the world's tallest and shortest first photo. High horse named "radar", is a Belgium draft horses, is the Guinnenew jersey home equity loan ratesss Book of world record holder, but also the world's tallest living horse. Now 9 years old "radar" stand is 2.02 m from hoof to shoulder height, body weight was 1088 kg. And it's amazingly good appetite, can drink 20 gallons of water per day, eats 8 kilograms of grain. The world's largest dog named "Hercules", is a United Kingdom Mastiff, paws football in General, and weighs 282 pounds (about 128 kg), neck circumference of 38 inches (97 cm). "Hercules" masters of Mr Flynn said, "I'm feeding it the usual way using, which is naturally grown up, no special rearing method of fattening. "The United Kingdom the greatest wild stag the stag called" El Sussex Moore Emperor "is the United Kingdom's largest wildlife. "El Sussex Moore Emperor" about 9 feet high (about 2.7 meters), weighs 300 pounds (about 136 kilograms). It is unfortunate, this wild male Hunter-killed deer. Turtles of the world's largest turtle is one of the largest terrestrial turtle, crude seems like feet and legs get. It is produced in the Pacific and India Ocean tropical island, Galapagos Islands on the West coast of South America and India tongue and ears on the Ocean islands and the Aldabra islan. Up to 1.5 m, when creeping up to 0.8 metres in height, 200-300 kg, can bear 1-2 people walking 90-150 only female turtles lay eggs at a time. It is reported that the life expectancy of up to 300 years old. Turtle in figure exceeding 300 kilograms of weight, and body length of almost 2 meters, is the largest existing wild turtles in one. World's largest cat cats of the world's largest is the United States a liger, Miami. This Lion Tiger weighs approximately 900 pounds (about 408 kg). Lion Tiger is a male lion and female offspring of the hybrids. The world's largest cow United Kingdom head named "hot pepper" cows as a small elephant, known as the "gentle giant", when it stood at 6 feet 6 inches tall (about 1.95 m). In addition, "pepper" a ton, but still, 9 years old, "Chili" is still growing. Despite the tall, "pepper" likes to eat only grass and occasionally eat turnip cabbage snack. Pig a pig in Liaoning province in China to the world's largest weighs 900 kilograms. The pig died on February 5, 2004, agricultural exhibition center by specimens kept in Liaoning province. This when pigs die is 2.5 meters long, waistline of 2.23 metres long, canine 14.4 centimetres long. The world's largest dog named "Hercules", is a United Kingdom Mastiff, paws football in General, and weighs 282 pounds (about 128 kg), neck circumference of 38 inches (97 cm). "Hercules" masters of Mr Flynn said, "I'm feeding it the usual way using, which is naturally grown up, no special rearing method of fattening. "The industry's largest frogs: 3 kg of weight harmonic giant frog (Conrauagoliath) is the upper part of the world's biggest frog, it's body from the nose to the anus, maximum length of 33 cm, maximum weight up to 3 kg. A narrow range of their lives, concentrated in West Africa. Harmonic Giant Frog life can be up to 15 years, they primarily eat Scorpions, insects and smaller frogs. They have sensitive hearing, but no vocal SAC. The world's largest crocodile called Gomek, crocodile, is a WAN. United States, Florida, in March 1997, died of a heart attack. Die measurement length is (5.5 m), the skull length is 53cm. Unfortunately Gomek is not weight the data. The world's longest Hare Hare of the longest in the world called "Amy" 81.5 cm long. Captured the world's largest Huang Diaoyu 34 United States biologist tied BU��huogan in Cambodia night captured in the Bow River with a 4.2 m, width 1.8 m-long giant stingray, it only takes 90 minutes by 13 people fishing. According to the survey, to do this was known to the world's largest freshwater fish, comparable to the deep sea monster. The world's largest shark of the world's largest shark is the whale shark, about 10 meters long, up to 8 tons, captured near the coast of China, to capture the local fishermen after split shark meat. Cats of the world's longest days ago from United States California, a small cat (see picture) to 43.4 cm in length as the Guinness certification for "the world's longest domesticated cats". This cat has a special name called "Scarlett magic", only 18 months old. According to the Guinness Book of world records certified body measurements, Kitty stood up, total of 17.1 inches from nose to tail tip length (approximately 43.4 cm). "Scarlett magic" as a female, African Caracal cat cross produces offspring, known as the "Prairie cat", which is a very rare mixed blood of cats. Biggest snakes in the world to date, human beings do not live for the world's biggest snake comes from Indonesia, the snake about 14.85 m long, weighs approximately 447 kg. More highlights: the terrible! 12 makes you eat more food alert!10 of stupid looks cute dangerous animals of polygamy and polyandry revealing the history of the top 10 most terrifying female killer snakes of the terrible secret: mating time for a probe into the land of the world's top ten most terrible magical moving! Animal Kingdom ten dieFan good father lechery excessive harm? promote the sexual maturity of animals with medicines in a given period of time on awful roles and function of agent secret scientific reality: 2012 is the end of the world of really younotebook data recovery? be alert! ten kinds of eaten raw most unhealthy foods of the world's most terrifying zombie reality existed of what the largest animal on Earth is not a dinosaur? HowStuffWorks Sina micro-blog has been opened for some time now, welcome to adbill consolidation loan mortgage secondd to our official Twitter: http://t.Sina.com.CN/officialbowenwang

I was special forces _ asked me

Category: living also will remember for a lifetime!!! whnotebook data recoveryile the world does not have such a perfect ending, but I'm willing to believe it. Parbill consolidation loan mortgage secondatrooper, Assistant nurse, Geng squadrons were ordered when I feel suspicion. Lone Wolf b while killing each other, why don't Hadron health worker's legs or hands, but rather directly to begin with. Trooper struck Rob, first shot to the top of the knees, the second shot to the heart. Why straight gun down the heart of the old gun. Then I was overshadowed by powerful gas field, I believe his eyes to see. Can't say the truth I was a bit of breathing. I look forward to the Green Camp, the only way to have a life and death feelings, so cold-blooded. I could have messed up computers, I almost cried out in the hundreds of people have Internet cafes. Director, heartbeat is not playing. Also, Inew jersey home equity loan rates know the term drama of conflict, the bigger the better, but I feel a little, is not true. When I saw the 24th episode 40 minutes 40 seconds

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Categories: mysterious original address: Feng Shui do nonew jersey home equity loan ratest ask for help-30 author: light love transfers from: Yin Wan metaphysics Feng Shui Sina Blog before this world to a square or round shape of the rear for the Kat House. 2, earlier in this world to narrow width to Kyrgyzstan after, master wealth rich with poly. If behind the narrow width before inauspicious, fall primary defeat, not gather. 3, if this world regardless of qi, good or ill luck, North to South of the House, out of the solar terms the nature pop Kat. 4, this world in depth (front and rear) wider than the cross (left) or elderly people, manage household affairs Wan Xiang Fu long. But if it sits East of nerdy, long before and after, around the narrow (adult narrow) are on the attack, principal yin, and to remove the ghosts and Yam, women's diseases. 5, before and after this world of narrow short, about a slender, primary family has asthma. 6, before this world itself, or the wall width, followed by sharp, triangle House, members: fields, manage household affairs fall games in a row, no enrichment. 7, this world itself before the wall width, followed by sharp, inverted triangle House, name: Mars tail, the master should fire, the Government and non-suicide, scourge of serious illness. 8, this world top Tony Fang robbery or criminal triangle, the main event of non-disaster (front if it has a red large, you should fire of Eritrea). 9, thnotebook data recoveryis world in front of them ground cord impingement, gang hang rush year of heart, blood, and surgery, scourge of the accident. Front ring 10, this world, gang hang fill solid year of car accident, or light of disaster preparedness. Front corner 11, this world impingement, as that committed by GUA on the disease. 12, this world of Poles or towers or tall buildings ahead when high pressure, Gua on the committed by the disease. 13, Fang Yang House before this world have protruding objects, like when you probe, thieves invasion in the main house and the master of disaster. 14, this world is way, want to bounce off, sons of light not Yin Xiao, small weight loss lose money. 15, this world is way into, and transported mercury when order, get rich quickly. But if transported mercury lost, the primary master family wealth, pain and constantly. 16, this world if there is water or way back bow, family, and, not the children sigui. 17, this world if there is water or way around, family harmony feeling, auspicious ride home. 18, this world has direct * way, name: dance skirt set off sleeves, principal peach and more pain. 19, this world is t-way, the master lost wealth, guanfei. 20, this world is way or corner angle, left long man hurt in shooting, shooting at the right boy hurt, median wounded men. 21 and this world there are two way to become eight-channel, master fornication, defeated ancestral estate. 22, this world in front of a ramp or at an angle of water, the main child sigui. 23, unclear front if this world is too cluttered, principal characters. 24, this world in front of large building blocks, hinder the future, games will fall by Zhejiang defeat. 25, Yu temple this world ahead profile inauspicious, the master was vulnerable to ghost stalk, inner panic anxiety, neurotic tendencies. 26, this world in front of a small stone heap inauspicious, families have respiratory problems. 27, this world ahead (Rob wealth) not have large stone blocked, the main house in the area of women's heart disease. 28, this world should not be negative in front of trees (for example, and plum peach, and apricot, and Pa Le Shuguo ... ... ) Family of yin, or guilty of peach blossoms. 29, this world in front of Casuarina, fall main home games in a row, diseases continuously. 30, this world in front of a big tree, tree heart rot, the main family of visceral disease.--------------Feng Shui home must know 21 taboo 1, getting started with the Seer, kitchen and toilet, return all of the House, getting started, see the living room. Modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, a door is often first to see the kitchen, dining-room or bathroom toilet.����This world is taboo, anomaly, living, transport failure.����2, door to door, better than the lust of the bedroom door is not available on the door, easy to persuade a live better in fornication sex.����3, living room, midway down the room apartments, if the living room or living room located in the middle of the House, as this is a lucky, can make games changlong.����4, irregular irregular do no kitchen UK kitchen as I do, can affect family health, irregular House can only be used for storage.����5, beams capping, affects mood and health bogey at the end of the beam, above the desk and dining table, as there is no way to avoid, but also designed the ceiling, will be blocked, or they will affect the emotional health of home ownership, migration will also be blocked.����6 of irregular, irregular houses should not be doing bedroom room master bedroom that cannot be used as a couple, otherwise it will lead to infertile consequences of marriage for a long time.����7, bedside by mirror, it is difficult to sleep in addition to the beds are not available outside the large mirror, if there is a full-length mirror on both sides of the bed, so sleep is not secure, lead to insomnia, fantasy, etc.����8, bedrooms cannot be arranged variety of tonal with simple but elegant bedrooms warm, not too bright, nor was a feast, too luxurious, glittering ornaments are particularly unsuitable.����9, shower toilet, watch out for vicious disease the master bedroom, apart from the beds are not available outside the shower toilet, inauspicious, and easy to make people suffer from severe vicious disease.����10, Evergreen plants benefit games due to the improvement of the quality of life, in order to increase the indoor greenery Evergreen pot is a very good Interior Accessories, but be sure to select the Evergreen, vitality, and not easy to fade, deciduous plants.����Giant picture not suitable for bedside reset picture 11, bedside can increase your kind offer of the bedroom, but thin and short, heavy cream giant boxes of painting, or once off the hook, head cut off, either dead or injured and cannot be accidentally.����12, clean bath shower toilet flushing to stay wealth is sewage, not including local directions to compliance, most bogey dank, dirty, smell, if kept clean and dry but can keep booze. 13, the door through the end, troubled home bogey, like hotels, a promenade with a row of rooms, or prone to having an affair andElope, rare green.����14, foot beds, bed foot bed next cream sundries, should keep the open air under the bed, and must not be piled debris under the bed, newly married couples taboos. 15, the House door, opened the door should be inside the door, the door should be consistent, this handle can be concluded that the door.����Most taboo a door left open, a window opening on the right.����16 toilet located at the end of the corridor, bath, large-house corridor, shower closet should be located in the corridor on the edge, must not be located in the end, otherwise fierce.����17 bed, bedside taboo opened Windows window is the Feng Shui taboo, it is important to keep in mind.����18, toilet door to bogey on toilet doors are doors to leak money returned home, available screen blocking.����Impingement, 19, column point disadvantage within individual rooms of marriage whether male or female, to avoid column angle impingement, otherwise it will affect the mood and health, to the disadvantage of love and marriage, it is important that remedies as soon as possible.����20 feelings, warm light bulbs to light bedroom couple emotion is very important, you should try to use warm colored light bulbs, using less cold colored light bulbs or fluorescent lamps. 21, intervals of impingement angle should be potted plants resist to be home safe and healthy, and in may cases, you should choose no corner shot around every other corner of the House.����Own house made every other corner, bonsai, tree-planting or a thick curtain to block.����Key points in fatal Feng Shui bedroom and relations between husband and wife (1) night let off fireworks, prone to peach: couple is having an affair, the passage of time, will go their separate ways, family break. (2) bed Windows that are too close: infiltrate without support, cannot be down-to-Earth, influence career development. Modern metropolis is often in front of the building after building, floor, building, floor, side building, bed near the window, make the bedroom does not maintain its well privacy; in addition, because the city is becoming increasingly complex, annoying noise on the fans and not too thick glass window from affecting your sleep; "dream under the window" is also in the my practice has been fulfilled.����According to a previously recorded in the Feng Shui books in bed too close to the window, easily lead to "cuckolds her husband", there is this saying. (3), bedside inlaid mirrors, mess with Ghost: master frequent headaches, insomnia. Romance will deal with the principles of Feng Shui and may not affect health because of the romantic. Many young people Maverick House decoration.����Who do not know everything and orderly, contrary to tie.����(4) bedroom furniture cream rough: roughness, which represents the discord, numbness of trouble for a long time. (5) on the bed and ground clutter may affect the master's luck: in life, many people do not understand the truth in neat and can bring people good luck. In fact, Feng Shui is not as we would like to be so complex, it's on your side. Did not like sobill consolidation loan mortgage secondme people are deliberately mystified, holding to the sky, not like some people just don't know how to Feng Shui and say that it is a superstition, to step on the ground floor. Feng Shui as you go along, and ubiquitous, simple and straightforward. Everybody knows that like people can't make a major mess, so pack up your environment, give yourself a good mood.����Good luck to come to you. (6) bedrooms with integral window, cream with two or more separate window: it is a window wall, is divided into several pieces, like trouble. Geomantic wonder cream that. Differences do not Yiqi he Cheng.����When you buy a House that you want to see more of. (7) flowers and plants suitable for swing does not fit in the living room to the bedroom: bedroom amplification, Broadleaf plants. Enhanced affection between husband and wife, enhancing master's perilous swings. Quite handy. Boss's favor. Rosette plants can master to a trivial situation. Do things old and repeated.

Harm women drink more coffee-sterilized-www.vtaoke.com_gangeli

Coffee anti-dementia substances, this substance can reduce harmful effects on the body, helps to prevent some diseases. Scientists say that when the human body in a mixture of oxygen and other chemical substances at the same time, will constitute a hazardous substance blind destruction of cells and tissues, heart disease, vascular disease, cancer, immune system regression and neural Dim pathogenic cause. United States Cafe delve into the results of the study show that coffee contains substances 4 times higher than the tea of the anti-Alzheimer 's. Enhance disease control mechanisms of the body, nutrition plays an important role, resistant to dementia physical includes vitamin e, vitamin c, carotene in soybeans, red wine, some spices, fruit, onions and olives. Anti-Alzheimer's disease more by roasting coffee beans, this substance in the removal of caffeine from coffee is not weakened or undermined. Susceptibility study of infertility personnel statistics found, drink 1 cup of coffee every day than women do not drink coffee women's risk of infertility. Expernotebook data recoveryts have visited coffee drinking habits of 104 women, of which about 50 women, difficult to conceive. Fertility experts believe that this is a small area of study, not turned coffee special effect on fertility.��������However, the study emphasized that, if not medically indicated on the cause of infertility, it should be thought of infertility associated with caffeine. As early as the early 80 's, United States food and Drug Administration Bureau of Dr Alan cowling is found in the experiment, mice fed every day the equivalent adult drinks after 12 to 24 cups of strong coffee, will birth deformities pregnantnew jersey home equity loan rates rats mice. To this end, the study by United States food and drug administration cautiobill consolidation loan mortgage secondns pregnant women should be suspended for drinking coffee.

(Reproduced) the only way of treating AIDS _----TCM to really is good enough

Category: mednew jersey home equity loan ratesical kbill consolidation loan mortgage secondnowlnotebook data recoveryedge aking �� < �� blasts when science is not science reporters Mo Yixian, he was Vice Premier Wu Yi, written reports, also called on the treatment of AIDS is the only way to, the State should support the development of Chinese medicine. October 20, MO Yin AIDS developed by Chinese traditional medicine "keaite capsule", has finally been approved by the State food and Drug Administration for its second phase, which means "keaite capsule" is likely to get the country new medicines lot number.����Relative to other civil peers, I should say Mo Yixian is lucky. Mo Yixian claiming to be a study of difficult diseases such as cancer, diabetes is more than 50 years, began in the early 1990 's study AIDS and antiviral Chinese herbs, and initially had been suffering from no case in the country could not be tried. In 1999, MO Yin discovered from the Web has a focus on AIDS �C Shangcai County, Henan province, and they began to prepare his drugs.����In July 2001, don't enter by Yin Shangcai, to investigate the local HIV situation and their own research results keaite capsules free of charge to people living with AIDS, works well. Mo Yixian pain but is, civil majority of traditional Chinese medicine has no legitimate medical practice qualification. "We were there is reasonable but not legitimate, work really hard. "He said," the County is very supportive of our work, some of my County leaders talk about, they really can't bear to see the way people were sick, so on entering the local medicine, as long as the effect they support. Zhumadian city and the province we found very strict, where for three years I've probed many times of the event, primarily provincial and municipal departments in charge of health, drug authorities. "He told business week, beginning in 2001, and the leadership of zhumadian city drug authorities declared more than once, no drugs approved by State food and Drug Administration will not go into the ground, it is an offence.����Now a folk cure AIDS has not been approved by the State of traditional Chinese medicine, for his "keaite capsule" is still in the phase II clinical trial stage, which means that all local AIDS treatment of traditional Chinese medicine are illegal. "We are in addition to the institutional, whilst we are free to local patient treatment, but most of them were sneaking around.����"Mo Yixian said. Even so, during the July 2001 to August 2003, Mo Yixian himself got Shangcai free medical treatment in the 56 patients, and brought them to Beijing, spending money to these patients with viral load tests. "This Shangcai three years I spent all their money, and now there is no additional financial resources to support these patients, so now there are 10 people under treatment, and there are already 4 persons can be stop drug use.����"According to Mo Yixian, these patients have been cured of AIDS.����Mo Yixian told business week, due to his drug has been shown to be effective on the ground, in 2001 and 2003, Shangcai County Health Department twice to the Ministry of Health reported files, stating that "keaite capsule" for the effect of the treatment of AIDS, but until now no attracts public attention. Last year began on March 18, MO Yin also begun to state food and Drug Administration approval of new drugs, all the ingredients are ready, material transferred from the SFDA review Center, resulting in the evaluation will fall directly on April 9, 2003. MO yin was very angry and asked the Secretary of State food and Drug Administration found as drug efficacy, why can't I pass.����At his request, have a second review meeting in July 2003, was a pass, don't go back to the supplementary material. He recalled that the middle of June this year, in Henan Province Department of health, national organizations and leaders, such as drug administration expert to Shangcai to visit TCM treatment of AIDS, in Exchange, not when speaking in yin, a major leader of the local Governments ask Mo Yixian "who leave for you to make, how much money you collected?" that evening after dinner, city organizations on the local hospital to check to see whether there is a cure for AIDS medicine. "The atmosphere is particularly intense. I know that this message, quickly and the peers and Pack withdrawal from County Government Guest House, Beijing was back the next day.����"Mo Yixian said.����October 20, Mo Yixian third State food and Drug Administration sent to "keaite capsule" material, finally available for clinical phase II. "If we do not pass this time, I would have to give up.����"Mo Yixian said. A similar experience in "development strategy of Chinese medicine" Research Group survey of other folk who have varying degrees of traditional Chinese medicine.����Reporter was informed that village to AIDS cure for AIDS 7 folk traditional Chinese medicine are no valid medical license, qualification of their health authorities only emphasize medical practice and medicines lot number and ask effect behaviour murmurs. Wang WK told business week, the last few years, the relevant departments have been checking his practice qualification. In order to contact with patient, he is a "development strategy of Chinese medicine" research group of delegates to the King of village.����In this respect, has been supporting him in the treatment of Kings village zhoukou city government leaders believed that effect no effect is a matter for the doctor, have effect without formalities the Medical Affairs Department, "why not give the folk doctors in the health sector legal procedures and qualifications, this is a problem in the health sector, these sins cannot be imposed on private doctors." "While local governments to adopt an attitude of acquiescence, but if the superior traced is the issue. Is the problem, drug problems. "Jia Qian very reluctant to say that" almost all of these people were surveyed, and even a lot of people facing the risk of being arrested. "Over the years, the People's Republic of China of infectious disease Act will exclude the participation of major infectious diseases such as AIDS in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, interventional tough formal institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, not to mention the civil in traditional Chinese medicine. Jia Qian stressed that now proves that TCM does have unique effects in the treatment of AIDS, which in turn has saved many lives, of course should give the qualification of their medical practice. "In the face of this century plague, our laws and regulations are lagging even unreasonable.����"Jia Qian said. Critics more targeted at the National Ministry of health and the formulation of policies, laws and regulations. Reporter trying to get a clear and authoritative statement from the Ministry of health, but several links are not the result, from the Ministry of health newGet heard is: Chinese medicine, Ministry of health-related departments and bureaus is difficult to publish, or go to the administration of traditional Chinese medicine is appropriate, although the Ministry of health, AIDS authorities, but their information for TCM treatment of AIDS, there is no more, doctors better still have these problems can only be answered by an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, policy, and there are no special requirements and trends.����Deputy Director of the Education Department of the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine technology Su Gangqiang told business week, in an interview, the Government is to support the treatment of AIDS.����Jia Qian believes that this is obviously untenable, relevant laws and regulations of their rejection of traditional Chinese medicine and the lot number of drugs in folk medicine practice qualifications, restrictions, and remains the most practical and urgent challenges. The other hand, from the "development strategy of Chinese medicine" research group of the current research situation, high incidence of HIV disease is in the second period, facing dismal. Take danchengxian for example, the County in March 2004, 116 patients with statistics, to the end of September, the statistics has 460 people hospitalized in rapid expansion and spread.����Jia Qian call must be the first master plan for TCM treatment of AIDS into national civil and working in the front line of genuine folk traditional Chinese medicine, a legal identity.����Survey of the research group is further of the view that the Government should be to create a favorable environment for traditional Chinese medicine, revision and improvement of the national infectious disease law as soon as possible, into the major infectious diseases prevention and control system of traditional Chinese medicine. "Technology is necessary to rethink the academic mission of the problem. What is the essence of science? "this research report writes:" for the majority of patients who struggle in disease and starvation, what matters is how the recovery as soon as possible, is to get rid of the threat of death. Traditional Chinese medicine Chinese and Western medicine, as long as is good medicine can cure disease, whether ' science ' is unscientific, as long as they can cure your disease is real science. However, is still in the academic community to focus more on how to use modern scientific methods of interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine, how a lot of papers and research results. In contrast, face the real efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, the academic community has not shown sufficient sensitivity and interest. We do not intend to oppose the academic community for the ' science ' worship, but if this trend of ' science ' of traditional Chinese medicine-one size fits all ' science ', it could lead to far away from the people demand more and more of Chinese medicine, and even increasingly far away from the truth.����"Standards of efficacy and who has the final say, however, everyone would think that they know how science, from the closer to truth.����August 17, principal leaders of the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine in zhoukou heard zhoukou City Government, Municipal Department of health and hospitals, and other leaders, as well as civil TCM TCM treatment AIDS on civil case reporting. Folk from the Shandong Chinese Li Chuan and participated in the meeting that day.����Li Chuanhe told business week, he presented at the meeting began in October 2002 in the village itself as 9 in the treatment of patients with advanced, and that he made "Aetna Purdue soup" can completely cure for AIDS, he was the first reception of 4 people, at that time all onset severe condition into advanced, died, after taking he made herbal decoctions, have recovered, current antiepileptic drugs almost two years now, have not been repeated, 5 other patient's condition is also very good, "ordinary people". Obviously, it was said to him, a lot of people think he exaggerated claims.����Zhoukou health professionals who participated in the day of the Forum on memories of the Conference: "too much of these folk Chinese medicine injection, systematic evidence?" in an interview, he is still very doubtful. Division Director Wang Jian, China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine theory research AIDS recognizes that civil treatment of AIDS have been using, although it is not a State official approval of medicines, but due to side effects smaller, be helpful to increase the immunity of patients, so got a lot of people's endorsement. His identity is another charity Special Fund of the Ministry of science and technology project "traditional Chinese medicine treatment for AIDS research," research group leader, but the AIDS treatment research "regular army" on TCM quite civil murmurs: "-85 period, assumed the Ministry of science and technology, Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine ' of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for AIDS research ' project, Ministry of science and technology to a lot of support and administration of traditional Chinese medicine, we had a very standard of research, but how well many private Chinese medicine often say that their drug can cure for AIDS, but you have to prove that this is a serious scientific, not what you say can cure is healed.����"In his view, the present folk traditional Chinese medicine is symptom remission is equivalent to the cure, this is obviously on the efficacy of an exaggerated. "Folk dispensing doctors are mostly based on experience and theory, but got the formal institutions of scientific research, to academics, they had no evidence to prove that their drug is effective, it is important, our evaluation system are different, they said to heal and cure we say different. We are in accordance with the standards of the national drug regulatory authorities to assess. "Jian Wang said," TCM treatment of AIDS must be very prospects, will really be able to anti-HIV medicine, but we need to standardize operations.����"Wang Jian stressed that before a new drug is first and foremost a clinical approval and formal clinical trials, must do in the States regular hospital if clinical adoption of the national standard, then it would be given to new drug certificate," folk medicine for doctors most of the absence of the program, just on the surface in patients with rehabilitation, it cannot be used as a basis. "����State administration of traditional Chinese medicine education Su Gangqiang, Deputy Director of science and technology also believes that, for diagnosis and treatment techniques of traditional Chinese medicine is the key to specification, "the patient feels good doesn't work, there must be a recognized evaluation, and now the doctors don't have sufficient evidence that reduces viral load". Jia Qian believes that the Government does not have the funds to support civil TCM they limited themselves alone is impossible to come up with test data.����But it seems to medical doctors and authorities, and that's exactly what civil weaknesses of traditional Chinese medicine. In the first reported epidemic was known as "China's first AIDS" Shangcai County, Henan province village, journalists met with Li Chuan, and beginning in October 2002 in 9 patients in the treatment of 7 people, taking the longest of them more than 20 days, the shortest of no more than tenA few days.����They are acknowledged to reporters, before wearing Li Chuanhe of traditional Chinese medicine, in the condition they are advanced; after medication and chest wheezing, rash symptoms disappear, physical strength gradually recovered had been without medication, illness not rebound. Li Chuan Zhang Guangcai and early treatment of home, journalists haven't seen Zhang Guangcai, his wife �C who seem to have more than 70-year old woman is cooking in the car. Tsuchiya decades ago has been cracked, ropes, his son Zhang Shui has just returned from his digging in the yard of one of the largest biogas in the hole, face fatigue.����Zhang Shui told reporters that his father in August of this year's dead, but he stressed that his father's death has nothing to do with AIDS, is because of a brain haemorrhage dead, dead. Zhang Shui son 8 years of age, but is very short, seems less than 5 years of age.����He runs around in the yard, invisible from the outside, he used to be a little in AIDS patients. Li Chuan and village reception is on the first floor of the family, when they are 4 people with advanced AIDS. Zhang Shui wives would have died of AIDS, he belongs to the son of mother to child transmission. Most serious illness is his mother and son. His mother's condition has been fully advanced, bedridden, difficulty in breathing, limb weakness; his son was 6 years old, skinny and weighing only 8.5 kg, extremely difficult to breathe, cannot eat, are often half a coma or unconsciousness or even shock. "At that time, the Gui Xien Professor see the status of the child, claimed he cannot live long.����"Zhang Shui says. Zhang Shui told reporters that they start is led from the County free antiviral drugs for treatment, but the effect is very poor, then hold the "sick touyi" start taking Li Chuanhe decoction.����Turned out very well, his mother taking 6 days later, chest symptoms disappear, basic normal breathing, medication after 23 days, previous symptoms disappear; his son to take the medicine after 15 days, the symptoms disappear, appetite increase, capable of playing in the streets, and he and his father was back to normal life after taking. But further understands that although their signs "was back to normal," but the CD4 (immune cells), exponential increase but generally are not obvious. CD4 index is an important measure of Western medicine in the treatment of AIDS treatment targets, under normal conditions, healthy people with normal CD4 index should be more than 700. Reporters of these patients, there is only one person's CD4 index of more than 700. Most of around three hundred or four hundred, Zhang Shui is more than more than 100, the least was the son of Zhang Shui, just over more than 30.����In accordance with the testing standards of Western medicine, below 200 CD4 index, belonging to a critically ill patient. In this regard, Li Chuan, and believes that current HIV treatment and testing standards, in accordance with the medical doctors measured indices of CD4 and viral load test data, this does not explain the problem. "Not only in patients with HIV can reduce the immune cell indices, even if it is more common than influenza viruses will also be contributing to this result.����"In his view, certainly not AIDS virus affecting the rise in indices of immune cells, Zhang Shui CD4 indices are only more than 100," because the patient alone is serious in patients with hepatitis b ".����"What worries me most is that his son," said Li Chuanhe, CD4 causes of low index of this child, was he with congenital heart disease, while he was due to AIDS onset accompanied by high fever, leaving only one lung. Wang WK told business week, in treatment, there are many disadvantages of non-medical issues, such as strain caused rebound. As living in poverty, when a patient's body slightly better, they are desperate to work, finished or to find a way to make money, hard work, during treatment is easy to bounce. "There is a problem, patients are now desperately poor, some families even the basic oil Salt not, not to mention the nutrition, how to improve immunity?" Wang WK said, "after reading frequently patients begged, doctor Wang, could you give us some nutritional? I'm reluctant to do so. "These stresses of traditional Chinese medicine, not on simple sets of testing standards of medical practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, to concrete analysis of specific problems.����Li Chuan, and believes that now in a position to verify the effects of their treatment is the means of viral culture to confirm after taking his medicine, whether the virus is still in patient survival. "The key question is, to pass the test to prove that these patients if there are other viruses, will these viruses affect the immune cell indices. "Liu Hongtai believes that" If there is financial support can be a bit large to do experiments, but private funds shortage prevailing problem of traditional Chinese medicine. As cash-strapped, Li Chuan, and total of a dozen patients were treated until the past few years, to really prove that could pull 100 patients, from the outset and meticulous clinical records, statistics, and inspection reports, in order to let people believe it. "Chinese and Western medicine for clinical standards battle, Jia Qian believe that TCM traditional Chinese medicine for diagnosis and treatment standards, and diagnosis and standard Western medicine and Western medicine. Chinese and Western medicine are two completely different system of diagnosis and treatment, and diagnosis criteria, standards, and drug standards cannot be the same as the "standards of Western medicine cannot be used as criteria for measurement, evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine." For example, last year United Kingdom doctors consultation announced twice Liu Hairuo "brain death", results and finally make a fringe of traditional Chinese medicine to bring.����"Western standards are rethinking their antibiotic, why should we have to think that someone else's standard is a standard?" he asked. Jia Qian also stressed that AIDS for traditional Chinese medicine is a valuable opportunity, should learn a lesson of fight against SARS.����His research group are often advised private accumulation of traditional Chinese medicine complete information in the research, before and after the treatment to be detected, "so that only recognize Western medicine clinical effect of experts and scholars to recognize practitioners". However due to limited funding, measurement and statistics which should work hard to do, which in the TCM treatment of AIDS in the process of civil acts particularly obvious.����Wang WK told reporters that he is providing the free drugs for patients, he did not dare to expand number of treatment, so it does not have funding for a patient to do at all stages of testing. As cash-strapped, Wang WK King village in the treatment of patients with more than 70 representatives, only how human medication before and after the test has more than 20 cD4 index testing fee is $ 1500 for each patient, "two times more than a total of more than 80,000 inspection fee is also due to the detection of hospital". It is clear that traditional Chinese were formed after the defeat of advanced Western concepts difficult to change. Traditional Chinese medicine, they still have too many difficulties to overcome slowly, which not only some people, money, material issue, more scientific views and values of the disorder. During this process, a prescription for such speculation is not necessarily to little effect, and may even be counterproductive. "If the Chinese medicine can again be believed, this is a big market. "A reluctant to disclose the names of the officials said," but the results do not represent the total of the individual treatment, it is important the rule more good, and can speak very clearly principles of medical science, pharmacology, pathology. ��http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5e076c450100c52t.html

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